NBIC serves a large number of georeferenced observations through our Species Map Service. We are currently developing version 2.0, building on an API that can already be accessed.

More complete technical documentation can be found on https://artskart.artsdatabanken.no/publicapi/help 

Accessing the API

Fetching observations

More often than not, you will want to retrieve some actual observations.

api/Observations/list provides a (paged) list of all observations.

api/Observations/list/?countys[]=22 returns all observations within a county

api/observations/nbf/so-plants/2416026 gives all observations within a particular dataset.

gives all observations within the provided (Google mercator) polygon. This example polygon is without decimal places for brevity, but that is not a requirement.

Other sources

You can use our our Species Map Service to execute a search, of which the result can then be downloaded as a CSV file.

We exchange observational data with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The GBIF API is another way to access our (and others') observational data.